How Important Is Restaurant Location

One of the most important things one can do when thinking about opening up a restaurant is ensuring that the location is a good one. There are probably tons of restaurants out there that failed, not because they had bad food, but because the location the business was in was not suitable. Location is a major player when it comes to opening a business and this is even more true for restaurants. Hip, trendy neighborhoods are going to help a restaurant to thrive way more than a boring or unsafe neighborhood is. There are some steps which one can take to make sure that the area you are thinking about will either boost or doom the chances your restaurant has of thriving.

  1. Go to the neighborhood and get a serious feel for it. Look around, take a walk through the area and do some people watching. Is it a clean neighborhood? Do you feel safe? This are really important factors.
  2. If there are other restaurants around, which, there definitely will be, go and check them out. Eat there, drink there, talk to the workers and customers. Are there places that have the same vibe or menu you are going for? This will be competition and you will want to know them.
  3. Go and get friendly with all of the people who live in the area. Get to know the, see what their personalities are like. See what they are into. What are their hobbies, their interests and most importantly, what kind of food do they like? You want to make sure that the type of place you want to open will be well suited to their likes.
  4. What are the economics of the neighborhood? Are people willing to spend a lot of money on food? Or do they not like eating out that much? These are obviously very important details that you will need to know.
  5. Make sure you plan out any problems that can arise in the neighborhood. If you do plant your roots down here, are they going to be any issues in the future? Is it changing for the better, for the worse, or staying the same? This could play a big role. An up and coming neighborhood could be an ideal place to put your restaurant in.
  6. Assess the finances. How much will it cost to open and operate in the neighborhood? Is it a really expensive place? Is it cheap? Is there an abundance of people who will be willing to work for you in the area? Make sure you get all of your math right!
  7. What is it like getting to the area? Are there a lot of ways to get in and out? Are there major highways or roads which lead to the neighborhood? Is there a lot of foot traffic which will help to bring people in?

The type of restaurant you plan on setting up and what kind of neighborhood you plan on setting up in is of utmost importance. These two things can either fit well together or clash, in which case you should probably rethink your decision on that certain area. Some places thrive in certain locations for reasons, it is not just random. Different places have different target markets and this is something every business owner has to get straight. That is why it is so important to do this type of planning.

Finding a location that will perfectly suit your planned restaurant is not going to be an easy feat. However, when you eventually do find a good match, you will be thankful that you waited, because it will make every other aspect of running the restaurant that much easier. All it takes is a little bit of patience and a lot of searching!

plate of chicken suqaar from Kulmiya in Columbus, Ohio.
Kumliya won’t give you any skimpy portions. The plate is covered pretty much entirely with this chicken suqaar entree. If you had to, you could split this between two people. Fortunately for me, there was no one there for me to break off any to. I easily ate this entire plate, with not a grain of rice to spare.

close up photograph of chicken suqaar from Kulmiya in Columbus, Ohio.
Look at it close AF! Man, the texture of this food is indicative of the spices and seasonings that went into to this food magic.

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Inside the place is nothing snazzy at all. It certainly isn’t dingy or cringy in any way, but nothing to marvel at.

The well kept interior although simplistic and basic, does have a semblance of elegance nonetheless. It’s likely in the straight arrangement of the tables and chairs. Everything has a sense of order. The carefully spaced wall art hangings catch you.

The tables are spaced well enough to have a respectable distance when dining with others. Friends often come in to enjoy a meal while handling affairs on their mobile devices, or to pass time and thoughts with one another.

a photograph of a beef burger and fries from Kulmiya Somali and American Restaurant in Columbus.
Somali spins on American classics are available too. This beef burger seems as hearty and hefty as what you’d find at a typical backyard barbecue in the U.S. Served up with fresh cut patato fries (with the skin still on), it’s a good end of the day bite because it’s likely going to have you laying down somewhere shortly after eating it.

house chicken salad from Kulmiya Somali and American Restaurant
For a healthier grab, their house chicken salad which is often on deck is a sure shot. They don’t act stnigy with the grilled chicken chunks, and the season them up nicely. No iceberg lettuce here; it’s crisp and fresh, and rolls intelligently with the fresh cut tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, as well as shreds of mozzerella.


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